Environmental pollution, power crisis, sustainability and saving the planet are some topics that are often discussed and talked about in today’s world. There are many things that you need to do in order to make these discussions help the world and make planet earth a better place to live in. We should not stick to jus discussions, but also, we need to put our suggestions and words in to action. One major crisis that is faced by many countries is the issue of non-renewable power. There are many ways you could overcome this issue. There needs to be investments made on these power sources in order to find solutions for these problems. Following are some alternative power types that could be used as a substitute for non-renewable power.


Many people are not aware of this power source. This could be an alternative for electricity produced by water. Plants and animal derivatives are used to create these types of power. Not only electricity, these byproducts could be used as gases to create energy. There are many countries around the world that use this type of power. Biomass is used mostly in factories than homes and in countries such as Sweden this type of power is widely used all around the country.

Fuel Cells

Investing on solar panels in Perth is not the only solution for the energy crisis. There are many other types of sources that could be used. There are also many resources that are alternatives for electricity as well. Hydropower is one of the oldest methods of creating electricity and could be easily replaced by using sources such as fuel cells. Fuel cells are created using the chemical reactions of certain substances. Even though these power sources are lesser known among the people, it could be used to change the world.


As you may know, this is one of the most popular and most effective types of power sources that could be used for your house, office or any place of your choice. The only downside of this type is that you have to make a high initial investment. The plus side of this investment is that this investment will help you save costs in the long run. You will not have to regret on investing on a 5kw solar system especially if you live in a tropical country where there is plenty of sunlight. Therefore, you can go ahead and invest on one so that you, as an individual can help in the power crisis that the world is facing. Therefore, the above could be used as alternative power as a substitute for non-renewable power sources.